Anxiety and Panic Attacks


Panic attacks can be seriously debilitating and the physical symptoms are often very unpleasant and frightening. You experience a rush of intense physical and psychological symptoms often causing you to feel an immense sense of fear, apprehension and anxiety. The physical symptoms you may experience include:


  • shaking

  • sweating

  • shortness of breath

  • nausea

  • heart palpitations


Case Study


Pauline had suffered panic attacks for 11 years with at least one occurring every day for the last two years.

Using a combination of techniques, I was able to help her to understand that the underlying cause was actually a fear of dying. Once we had established how it had originated we were able to release the fear.
Our session was extremely successful and since that time she has been completely free of her daily panic attacks.




Frequently finding yourself in a state of anxiety can be extremely exhausting. Sufferers are often worrying excessively about the future and at the same time stressed about their past.

Using a combination of NLP and hypnotherapy, you can be shown how to gain control over your thoughts and taught techniques for everyday life to give you greater peace of mind.


Case Study


Anxiety had caused Maria to develop an acute health problem. She was constantly worrying what people thought of her in her work and social life. After a series of one to one sessions with me followed up by telephone coaching, she found herself able to relax with greater control over her thought processes. Maria now enjoys both sides of her life far more and deals effectively with stress.


Case Study


Rosie (aged 12) was suffering from acute anxiety when it was time to go bed. This meant that she was constantly coming back downstairs until very late into the evening causing considerable family disruption. A couple of incidents in the past were the root cause of this anxiety which were quickly and effectively dealt with in a one hour session. Since her session Rosie has been much happier and more confident and has had no trouble or been anxious at bed time.

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