Fear of Sailing

Sailing can be relaxing or exhilarating but when the boat starts to heel over and the sails flap noisily in strong winds, do anxiety and anticipation change to dread and panic?

Learn strategies for coping with acute anxiety so that you can relax and enjoy sailing with your partner or friends.


Case Study


Karen had some early sailing experiences which had scared her. When she tried to accompany her husband on a sailboat, she was terrified if the boat started to heel over, even slightly. Terrifying images and negative thoughts made enjoyable sailing impossible.


NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming) and Hypnotherapy proved really useful in providing a set of techniques and strategies to help if any anxiety arose. Karen’s holiday photos now show her sitting confidently at the front of the yacht which is heeling over considerably.


With her extensive sailing knowledge, Louise Staden has found NLP and hypnotherapy especially effective for helping many people with fear of water or of being on a boat.

Fears and Phobias


Phobias are extremely common and generally defined as an irrational and excessive fear of an object, place or situation. However, they only manifest themselves as a problem when they inhibit your life. Most people can lead a healthy fulfilled life with a fear of spiders, but to have a phobia or fear of flying can really restrict the lives of you and your family. Sometimes these phobias start in childhood for no apparent reason and sometimes they have been ignited by a traumatic event.


Regardless of the root cause, phobias tend to be very specifically directed. Consequently, even though you may have suffered with a phobia for many years, relatively straight forward therapies are often extremely effective because we are able to focus on a single issue.


I have previously treated a number of phobias including :


  • Balloons

  • Animals

  • Being on boats

  • Food

  • Sickness

  • Water

  • Socialising

  • Agoraphobia

  • Public speaking

  • Flying


Case Study


Due to a snake phobia Annie was unable to stray off the path when walking the family dogs in fields near her home. With a holiday in Africa looming, she decided it was time to deal with her phobia. After a single one hour session, she was able to go on holiday and enjoy trips into the bush feeling both relaxed and calm.




Sophie wrote: My fear of flying meant that some of the family holidays were restricted because we had to travel by train or car. I had had a few frightening experiences whilst flying which had caused me to be terrified of flying. 


After a few sessions with Louise I was definitely in a better frame of mind and found that flying is now marvelously back on the agenda.


We must build dikes of courage to hold back the flood of fear.

Martin Luther King, Jr.


A crippling fear of heights was holding Frances back from doing a great many things that she wanted to do in her life. We found that it had become so strong as a result of the accumulated effects of various fearful experiences over many years. 


During her session she was able to detach her existing fears and negative emotions which had built up and grouped themselves together over time. We then worked on giving Frances the necessary mental tools and resources to enable her to deal effectively with them if she ever felt they were trying to return.


In order to put it to the test, immediately after the session Frances drove to a location which had previously terrified her and successfully controlled her fears and anxieties on her own.

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