Hypno Gastric Band


The HypnoGastricBand is a step by step process that will bring you an effective way to manage your weight without dieting... no restrictions, no three meals a day, no drinking at certain times and no difficulty.


In reality the gastric band is an adjustable band also known as a Lap-Band, that is placed around the top portion of the stomach, via keyhole surgery, in order to treat obesity. The gastric band is however not an easy option for obesity sufferers due to the surgery involved, it is a drastic step, and carries the usual pain and risks of any major surgical operation in this area of the body. With the HypnoGastricBand you could achieve the same results without the risk & astronomical cost.


Step 1: At your first session you will have a free 30 minute initial consultation. This is to ensure I have all the important details I need and that you are 100% happy with your course of action. We will then begin with the first step which will involve some work in hypnosis to release any negative emotion and build your morale and confidence so you are set to begin the new chapter of your life. This is the time to get excited!


Step 2: Because I believe weight problems are psychological this session will focus solely on you to remove any negative emotion that you may be repressing. This is something that will help you to manage your weight forever. I believe this step to be hugely important in weight management therapy and is why this process is so much more successful in the long term than others. If it is felt that more sessions are needed here before we can continue then we will discuss this with you and make suitable arrangements for this.


Step 3: Your 'consultation' at the clinic. We will take you to meet the 'surgeon' and include lots of positive suggestion.


Step 4: The 'surgery' itself.


Step 5: Although not necessary for all some people may find they want an adjustment on their band this could be done at any time in the future and is available to all that desire it. Or maybe you will just want your band removed as you no longer need it!

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