Relationship Issues

What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.

Ralph Waldo Emerson


If you find yourself feeling that your relationship is on a downward spiral, the momentum of that feeling can be very hard to slow down, let alone turn around.

As time goes on and nothing seems to change, people often find themselves thinking that the situation has gone too far and it’s just not worth putting in the effort to making things better.


Sometimes they even think there is no solution at all regardless of how much effort they put in. For many couples, children become the single most determinant factor in their lives and hence their relationship. They devote so much time to the children that they actually lose sight of their own relationship and forget how to enjoy being just together as a couple.


While bringing up children is a wonderful thing, we must not forget that it is but one phase in our lives which naturally diminishes as they grow up. A common consequence of this process is an ever increasing feeling of emptiness, loss of purpose and even a dread of being left as just a couple.


If you recognise any of these patterns in your own life and would like to discuss a way forward to help nurture a satisfying and contented relationship please give me a call.


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