Having smoked for the last 20 years I could not believe how easy it was after just one session with Louise to completely quit. I feel fantastic. 

Pauline, Buckingham


I was quite sceptical how the hypnotherapy was going to work, but 2 years later I can happily say it was a complete success. In all this time I haven’t even considered picking up a fag in all that time.

John, Milton Keynes

Stop smoking easily in just one session using advanced techniques in Chiswick, West London


Stop smoking easily at Life Path using Hypnotherapy and NLP - quit those cigarettes in just 60 to 90 minutes.

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking:

A few years ago , the largest study ever conducted into stopping smoking was undertaken. It studied everything from will power, nicotine patches, advice from your doctor, positive thinking, placebos, chewing gum etc - and the conclusion was that: 

"Most techniques turned out to be hopeless; hypnosis however came out as the most effective anti-smoking technique."


Over 8 years Louise has successfully helped many many people to stop smoking easily.


If you want to stop smoking and change your life please call Louise Staden on 07961 320311. Or alternatively email: louise@life-path.co.uk


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