Ten top tips for positive thinking

1. Think above the line - Think of a situation that may be making you nervous. See how the image feels when you look at it above your eye line then how it feels if you look below your eye line.


2. What is your first reaction? - If you accidentally hurt yourself think how you might have hurt yourself worse and think ‘that was lucky’


3. Look for the good - What you see is what you get. If you look for the bad in someone that is what you will see; look for the good and that is what you will see.


4. Language - How do you talk to yourself? Are you saying to yourself ‘Don’t be nervous’ or ‘Be confident’. If you need to be more confident for a meeting then remember a time you felt confident and strong. Imagine you are standing inside yourself at that moment and access those feelings. Act ‘as if’ and you will ‘become’.


5. Visualise situations going well – When you come home in the evening, don’t picture rows at home, see the evening going the best it can be.


6. Be present, be mindful - When your thoughts are in the present you can’t be dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. When you are outside, practice listening to everything, feel the air and your feet on the ground. For example, the more in the present you are at work the more enjoyable your job can be.


7. Praise yourself - If you find this very difficult, then every time you put yourself down just give yourself a positive alternative. For example, ‘I am useless at this’ change to ‘If I practice this I may become better’.


8. Set goals - The mind releases endorphins which make you feel good every time you to tick off something you have achieved.


9. Know that everyone does their best - At any moment or any situation, people will do the best they can given the resources they have.


10. Do more of the things you enjoy - Your mind will be more used to the default state of being happy and positive.

Louise Staden has been using a combination of the safe, proven techniques of Hypnotherapy, Neuro Lingusitic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Core Transformation and Integral Eye Movement (IEM) for the past four years to help many people successfully deal with a wide variety of issues.

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